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Dec 28, 2012 6:00am PST
're going to do about these fabrications he's been telling. the stories get wilder everyday. oh, that. yesterday he saw a giant. how tall? how can you talk like that? don't you realize he's telling lies. not really lies, ruth. boys imagination has awakened that's all. imagination? ha. you know he just tells these whoppers to attract attention to himself. especially if the audience happens to be a little girl. just the same, i don't like it. you know i remember when i was about timmy's age. i told a little girl that i saw sir lancelot riding down the road on a white charger, in full armor. all little boys imagine things, dear. just a phase in timmy's life, he's growing up. well i hope you're right. i'm sure i am. i still don't like it. ♪ looks just like a haunted house. daddy says somebody moved into it two weeks ago. probably a witch. there isn't any such thing as a witch. you would have thought so if you would have been with me last night. what happened timmy? well, the clock was about to strike twelve, and i decided to get up and take a walk. whoever heard of taking a walk at midn
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
man who came first and carved his vast rangeland out of the wilderness saw himself facing destruction as the homesteaders settled on his range, fencing him off from the grass and the water. the homesteader had many names in the west-- squatter, nester, and sometimes, with truth, rustler. the cattlemen struck back, fast and hard. ♪ ( dog barking ) what are you doin' here, nicky? ( barking continues ) mom? mom! mom, what happened? what's the matter? oh-- they-- ( sobs ) oh, homer. ma, where's pa? ma, what happened? ( nicky barks ) homer! hey! hey, hold up there! homer? what do you think you're doing? that's our cow. i know it is, son. it's got our brand on her. can't you read it? what have you done with my pa? where is he? where's my pa? have you done anything to him? what's goin' on? tell me! why don't you go look after your mother, son? your pa would want that. ♪ ma? ma, that was judge garth's foreman. what are they doin' to pa? i'm no thief. that's the last time i'm gonna say it. you're murderers. every last one of you-- murderers. major: you say that cow of yours over there is t
Dec 18, 2012 7:00am PST
be the wilderness, but camping with oars is hardly primitive. table cloths and hors d'oeuvres are de rigueur in this neck of the woods. there it is! the main event is, of course, the wine, which emerges from a dry box safe and sound. here's what we're going to do. we're going to pair up into two different teams, and we're going to have a little blending fun. scott's blending seminar is a game -- a timed competition pitting two teams against each other. they've got three barrel samples and the tools of the winemaking trade. the object... mix up the better blend. i think no matter what you mix together, it's still going to taste really good. one team's blend is dubbed "miwok" -- a nod to the natives of the tuolumne river. the other, "cornucopia of chaos." a wisecrack, perhaps, about the day's whitewater adventure. i'm going to go judge these. you guys are going to have some more of your left over barrel samples. if this trip proves anything, it's that you can live high on the hog, even in the wilderness. these were both very good wines, alright but the best blend of the night was the miwok. wo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3